Good Bye, Simon - R.I.P.

For many reasons, we had to put Simon down. Today, at 11:50 AM, he finally passed away.

He was with us for just over 10 years. He wasn't very friendly to most people when they would come over, but he was so affectionate to us. He always cuddled with us when we'd go to sleep. He knew when I was making something with butter because he'd hear the lid come off of the container, and he'd patiently wait until I put some on my finger so he could lick it off. He loved almond poppy-seed muffins and he'd clean my plate of crumbs when I was done eating one. There are a lot of good memories that I have of him and I feel fortunate to have had him as a pet. As all cats are, he was independent, curious, playful, and most of all, he was a loyal companion.

So long, my good friend. You'll always be remembered.

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