Halo2 FragFest Images and Video

Here are some pictures and video from the Halo2 event I had last weekend. The videos are a bit dark so I've added some commentary. First, the pictures.

The madness downstairs

The madness upstairs

Halo2 and beer

Now the videos. This one was the first slayer game in the tournament. There's some "harsh" language in it, but, what the hell do you expect when you play Halo2? ;)

This one was the final between the top two players. The guy I'm filming was up 24-13 (first to 25 kills won) and this is the winning shot. Kudos to both players for making it an exciting championship round. [1]

[1] I originally reported that the 2nd video was a losing player's shot. On closer inspection, I realized the game says "Game Over" at the end, so it could not have been the other guy's kill shot. My mistake.

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