Flagged Links #52

"10 Breathtaking Viewing Platforms around the World" - I'd love to visit all of them.

"Zero Punctuation: inFamous" - I think he liked the game this time.

"The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection" - I remember reading "SSL and TLS" years ago. This a nice condensed version of that.

"New Security Model: Moving to a Better Sandbox" - More information on security in .NET 4.0.

"Christ’s Sake" - It's (probably) not what you think.

"CircuitBreaker Pattern in Grails" - Interesting, I've never thought about using circuit breakers in code before.

"Maybe it's time for Plan B." - Being a TA in grad school, I heard similar stories. Students, you're not fooling anyone.

"What does the optimize switch do?" - Just in case you were curious what the C# compiler does when you set the "optimize" flag.

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