Another Zinger From Myers

Check it out. Myers' blog is always fun to read, and this entry is a prime example of why it's worth reading. Case in point:

For me, though, the really dismaying part is the series of soundbites from kids: all saying "I don't really believe in the whole evolution theory" and "I believe that God also made us. I just think it's a lot easier to believe then the big bang theory, or any of the other theories about apes." That's just sad. When I was their age, I remember being all fired up and wanting to know more and spending hours in the library reading everything I could. These kids have given up. And they've had their heads stuffed full of fraudulent nonsense before the teachers have even had a chance.

I remember that sense of awe growing up as well - reading books on the solar system and the universe and all the weird stuff that was out there, like pulsars and black holes - it was amazing. I must've read Asimov's book on black holes at least a dozen times. Sadly, when I became a Christian for a while, I became a young-earth creationist, and all of the wonder got sucked away in a simple "God did it" phrase. Thankfully, I saw the errors of my ways and no longer hold those views, but it makes me sad and angry to see kids "give up" as Myers puts it.

When Hayden gets older, I want to take him outside at night, and show him the constellations, and talk to him about the stars, and how far, far away they are, and why they're different colors, and why they twinkle, and maybe, just maybe, there's creatures on planets that orbit those stars that are thinking the same kind of thoughts that we are, and that there's so much in the universe that we don't know about that it's worth the time and the effort to make new discoveries and theories, rather than dismiss it all as "God did it." Maybe there is a creator who started it all. Maybe not. All I know and care about is that the universe is still full of opportunities to stand in awe of its physical properties, and we have the capacity to learn more about it every waking moment of our lives.

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