Burnout3 on XBox

I picked up this game along with ESPN NFL today, but I've only played with Burnout tonight. Overall, I like it. I got a DDE right after the first game, and I thought, "oh, no, here we go with that RallySport adventure all over again." Fortunately, that was the only time I got it. It's a fun game to get rid of some stress with. The online experience...is a bit shaky right now. It's better than RS2 was (or is), but the service is actually with EA, and it's pretty tempermental (although I heard rumors that they should have beefier servers RSN). It's funny - I've played a lot of games online and none of them hold a candle to PRG2. Bizarre Creations got that right - it's awesome, although Burnout has definite potential. The only thing I don't like is that the races get real spread out, whereas in PRG2 the rooms tend to stay tighter.

* Posted at 09.08.2004 11:16:31 PM CST | Link *

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