Stubbing Subs in VB Using Rhino Mocks

As before, this post is primarily for my own benefit and hopefully others can use it too.

Let's say I have the following interface:

Public Interface IDataManager
    Sub Load(ByVal id as Integer, ByVal useReader as Action(Of IDataReader))
End Interface

I want to stub it using Rhino Mocks. Here's how I did it:

Dim manager = MockRepository.GenerateStub(Of IDataManager)()
manager.Stub(Of IDataManager)(AddressOf Me.LoadStub).WhenCalled(AddressOf Me.LoadCalled)
Private Sub LoadCalled(ByVal invocation as MethodInvocation)
    '  Do magic with the two arguments passed.
End Sub
Private Function LoadStub(ByVal e as IDataManager) As IDataManager 
    e.Load(Arg(Of Integer).Is.Anything, Arg(Of Action(Of IDataReader)).Is.Anything)
    Return Nothing
End Function

Frankly, doing it in C# feels much cleaner to me:

var manager = MockRepository.GenerateStub<IPredefinedTextManager>();
manager.Stub(e => e.Load(Arg<int>.Is.Anything, 
    (invocation) =>
        ' Do magic with the arguments.


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