Annoying Cats

Lately our cats have taken up the annoying habit of banging on the kid's doors with their front paws when we go to sleep. They wait until Liz and/or I go to bed, and then they start up. This just started a week or two ago. We don't want them to wake the kids up, so we've resorted to putting them downstairs in the unfurnished area for the evening. However, we really don't like this solution either as we like it when the cats sleep with us. We shut their doors at night and while Hayden probably wouldn't get up if the door was open a bit, we don't want the cats to run around in Ryan's room - he's not as deep of a sleeper as Hayden is.

So...any ideas on how to thwart them from batting at the doors? I've thought of spraying them (the doors, not the cats) with apple bitter, but that may backfire in numerous ways. I also thought of putting some aluminum foil on the doors but the kids would probably want to play with it and it would look rather odd. I'm open to suggestions. Oh, and getting rid of the cats is not an option :).

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