Stretching Carpet

This coming Saturday we're having a guy come over and stretch out carpet. There's a couple of spots where we're getting little hills so we figured it's best to get it over with sooner rather than later. That means, though, that we have to move a bunch of furniture around so they can do a good job, so the entire week will be involved with moving furninture out of the way. The upshot with this is that we're going to rent a carpet cleaner so we can clean the exposed carpet in the afternoon. It sorely needs it. Getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner makes a huge difference but we have cats and...well, as hard as we try to clean it, we know it's time for a thorough cleaning.

I have no intentions of moving again (if I can help it), but if ever built our own home I'd strongly consider hardwood floors everywhere. Yeah, wood floors have their own maintenance issues as well, but they're a lot easier to keep clean.

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