"Exception Handling in .NET" - Status Update

Recently I blogged about how I'm so tired of seeing really bad exception handling practices in production code. The comments have been encouraging enough for me to put together a very rough outline of what I want in the book. It still needs fleshing out, but I'm about 90% ready to say "yes, I'm going to do this". I think I might call it "Investigating Exception Handling" as I already have three eBooks on my web site on Reflection, WinServices, and .NET languages (I have two others on serialization and threading but I never published them). Those three eBooks are really old and outdated...which makes me wonder if I should spend time updating some of those as well. If I would, though, I would think very hard about charging some money for the eBooks (just to get a little bit back for the effort I'd put into them), but I'd want to keep the cost very, very low.

Oh, and I found another "nugget" in the current code base that validated why an artifact like the eBook is needed:

    // interesting code goes here...


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