Halo is Finished, New Cymbals, and I <b>Really</b> Need to Start Writing!

I finally finished Halo Friday night. By far, this is one of the best games I've ever played. The last 6 minutes of the game in retrospect wasn't hard, but it was exciting. Of course, I could try it at the Legendary level, but I need to get cracking on my books that have been sitting dormant for a while. I'll eventually get to Morrowind and a couple of other XBox games, but the fun time is over - time to hit the keyboard hard.

I also splurged this weekend and bought 3 new cymbals: a 16" crash, a 16" china, and an 8" (or 10" - I forget) splash. I doubt I'll need to add to the drum set for quite a while now. I pretty much have everything I need.

* Posted at 02.10.2003 10:15:16 AM CST | Link *

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