Why Porn Isn't Bad

Just read this post. Having a personal opinion on the morality and ethics of porn is one thing - I have absolutely no issue with people if they think 2 consenting adults having sex in front of a camera for money is a bad thing. That's fine. But to make pornography sound like it causes anyone who sees it into a rapist or pedophile is quite a stretch. I like what Ed says in response to Charles' "logic":

Most child molesters admit that they consume hard-core porn on a regular basis.

And here's Ed's response:

Cause and effect, Chuck, cause and effect. Most child molesters drink water too. And come from families. Bingo, by your simplistic reasoning we've just proven that drinking water and being from a family leads to child molestation.

BTW I love the way the post ends :).

* Posted at 11.01.2007 09:53:47 AM CST | Link *

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