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This past Friday I played Halo with a bunch of guys for 10 hours. I didn't leave until 3:00 AM. I had a blast - lots of beer, soda, pizza, belching, farting, trash-talking, and ass-kicking (both received and dished out). What else could you ask for?

This Friday is LASIK day. I realized that the last doctor may have been stretching things when he said I'm legally blind. I mean, my eye sight is really bad, but I've talked to people who have had worse, and they weren't considered legally blind. But no matter - after Friday, I hope that I'll finally be able to ditch the corrective lenses.

King's X is finally getting back to its' roots with their new album, "Black Like Sunday." There's a free MP3 for the title track, which you can get here. Their last 2 or 3 albums were really hard to listen to - I really didn't like the style of music, but I loved so much of their stuff I kept hoping they'd finally get out of their slump. The MP3 got me excited for King's X again.

Spock's Beard is releasing their "Feel Euphoria" pretty soon. I'm looking forward to it, especially since Neal Morse is no longer with them. Whenever a band looses their lead signer and/or the main songwriter, it's never the same. It'll be interesting to hear what they've come up with.

"The Matrix: Reloaded". Oh...my...god. Wonderful. I loved it - definitely worth the money to see. The "burly brawl" scene floored me completely. Some movies have given me the "wow" effect before ("T2" is a good example), but my jaw was in the basement. I don't know exactly why I was so impressed - I mean, I know most of it was CG - but it was so seamless. The highway chase scene raged as well. There were some good one-lines as well ("Hmmm...upgrades."). I'm completely stoked to see the 3rd movie (if you go to see it, stick around after the credits; otherwise, you'll miss out on some previews for "Revolutions").

The funny thing is that there was a new "T3" preview, and now I'm excited to see it. Some of the first "T3" previews made me think, "oh, it's T2 with breasts." Not that that would be a bad thing necessarily ;), but I was on the fence. "T2" was a religious experience for me in a way (stupid as that sounds), and I didn't want to see "T3" send the series spiraling downward like "Alien3" did. But the new preview gave more hints about the storyline, and while I'm already seeing holes in it (like why would Skynet wait to send the TX back for the 3rd time; why not send it back the first time if it's soooo ass-kicking?) there seems to be some interesting ideas going on. At least now I feel somewhat interested in seeing it.

I'm going to end this post with a discussion about "The Matrix: Reloaded", so if you haven't seen it yet, run away. You have been warned!


Liz and I talked about the movie after we saw it, and we had a blast ruminating about what we just saw (yes, I'm a very lucky guy to have a beautiful, intelligent woman who loves to see geek-fest movies). The Real World isn't the final layer - it's possible that it's another matrix in itself. The fact that Neo could stop the squiddies and that Agent Smith downloaded himself into the real world gives some weight to this. The guy who played the senior priest-like role is probably the 5th incarnation of The One (Liz and I kicked ourselves because we didn't count the number of people on the council - was it 23?!). It was cool that the Oracle was a program in itself, and she seemed to hint that there's a movement that machines and humans should strive to work together, rather than continue with the war. The Architect even alluded to the fact that they'd loose significant strides if every human was killed, and the Priest had a good discussion with Neo on how humans need machines and vice versa. Another allegorical scene is when Neo and Trinity are having sex during the big pseudo-orgy scene in Zion. Liz made a good point that it was set away from the main floor in a half-circle room - it had a very "impregnating the world" feel to it (but I didn't catch this until Liz mentioned it later on). I'll be interesting to see what Agent Smith does in the real world - Liz suggested that he'll actually like the real world more than the matrix and will want to stay human. And I'm wondering if they stuck a clip of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" on one of screens during the Architect scene.


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