Enduring Without Faith

I just saw this point this morning, and one sentence really stuck out among the others:

It's something that I think only Godly, Christ like parents could have endured, and endured with such grace. 

Now, I don't know Randy very well. I remember running into him at the MVP Summit 2008 and I remember him being a decent guy. And I wouldn't wish what the Chapman family is going through on anyone. But...while there's a danger in pulling out one sentence and potentially losing context, I don't think that's the case here.

Randy said only Chirst-like parents could endure this. I fail to see how a Muslim family, or a Jewish family, or an atheistic family could not endure such a tragedy.

One case: Neil Peart. He lost his only child (his daughter) in 1997, and his wife died of cancer approximately a year later. He lost his entire family. It took time, but he eventually emerged from that, re-married, and still tours with Rush. That's resilience. That's endurance. And Neil is not a man of faith.

I hope the Chapman family can emerge from this as well. But it's not exclusive to Christians.

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