Flagged Links #5

It's a long list today...

"C# 4.0 New Features Part 4 - Generic Contravariance" - More juicy information on a new C# feature.

"Using a MGrammar parser from F#" - There's so much about M that I'm hearing about, now it's being used in other languages.

"Fun with Code Analysis Rule Sets" - Looks like an interesting feature in VS2010.

"IronPython and WPF Part 1: Introduction" - I really need to learn me some WPF - this may be a good start.

"On lambdas, capture, and mutability" - A deep article on lambdas and the differences in C# and F#.

"Expression Magic" - I've recently dived into expressions and there's some powerful stuff there.

"Silverlight Unit Test Framework" - Silverlight adds some interesting twists to unit testing, so this will be a nice addition.

"Do NOT Explicitly Use Threads for Parallel Programming" - A very interesting view of the Thread class.

"Calculating with infinite sequences on MSDN" - Tomas talks about lazy evaluation and functional programming.

"Gaping Security Hole in Twitter Identified...Twitter Users" - I saw this ranking link a day ago, and I passed. I truly do not understand how anyone would willingly give up their password like that.

"Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012!" - While I think this movie will probably be just a bunch of cool special effects but not much else...this trailer is pretty cool. Keep watching the mountains - it gets very ominous in a hurry.

"Book Review: Centauri Dreams" - Sounds like a very interesting book that takes a realistic view on space travel.

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