I'm Now a C++/ATL/ISAPI Filter Expect...Yeah, Right!

Yesterday I was "given" [1] the task to figure out why an ISAPI filter no longer works when they install it on W2K3/IIS6. Never mind the fact that my C++ knowledge is minimal at best ("what's a header file? Oh, yeah...") and I've written an ISAPI filter although I know what they do in principle. Actually, it's a fun task because I've never done any of this stuff before and it's cool to learn about new things. But...C++ still drives me batty. Hopefully I can figure out what the issue is soon (we think we know where the problem is, now it's just a matter of verifying the hunch and then finding a way around it).

[1] More like, "here, fix this." But in a good, thoughful way ;)

* Posted at 06.03.2005 11:04:10 AM CST | Link *

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