A Great Weekend, And Then..."You've Got E-Mail!"

I had a great b-day weekend. Liz made me a cake, she got me some nice gifts - what else could I ask for? 32 years young - whoo, hoo!

Another good thing this weekend was finishing the book, "Gravity," by Tess Garritsen (sp?). It's not a perfect book (e.g. the ending felt rushed) but overall a good hard sci-fi book. I think I'll pick up some of her other works - I like her writing style. There was a lot of complicated topics she addresses in the book. She makes it approachable without dumbing it down too much. I had a hard time putting it down this weekend, which is why I finished it in two days! I doubt it'll be made into a movie anytime soon as the book deals with biological disaster in the ISS and in a space shuttle that eventually crash-lands in New Mexico. But I think it would translate into a great action/horror movie, so long as the director does it justice. Horror movies are so easy to fubar - "Event Horizon" is a good example. I was really into the movie for the first 30-45 minutes; everything up to and after the scene where the rescue team decodes the logs was a downhill ride to mindless blood-splatter.

However, when I got in to CA and checked my e-mail, I got one that I've been expecting for a while, but I still wasn't happy seeing it. I'll eventually get around to discussing the contents of it and why it's torqued me so much, but right now I have to figure out what I'm going to do in the near future to rectify the problem that this e-mail presents (no, I'm still employeed with Magenic - the e-mail had nothing to do with my employment status ;). Nor is it a nasty virus or a deluge of spam.). Ever since college, I have tried to make an effort to see the good in things, even when projects don't go as planned. I used to get overtly pessimistic, and I've tried to fix that. Sometimes, though, I get frustrated with certain events, and I think it's healthy to acknowledge that. So, I'm pissed off right now - how's that? What I really need to do is get to sleep, let my work on it over some REM stages, and get a new approach to it in the morning. But this is one of the bad things about travel. Liz is a good sounding board when I get frustrated or annoyed, but I'm not going to wake her up (it's 3:00 AM her time - also, she's fighting a cold).

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