Thanks, "Daily Show" - You Just Ruined "Million Dollar Baby" for Liz and I

Last night we were watching "The Daily Show", and they had a segment with one of the guys "reporting" on the Oscars. Now, I really wasn't paying attention - while I like the show I was kind of spacing out. But then the guy started talking about "Million Dollar Baby", and, basically he gave away the big point of the movie. I didn't catch it at first (remember, I was zoning in and out), but Liz caught...and, of course, she proceeded to tell me what the big plot point was.

God-damn it.

I've been holding off seeing the movie primarily because, while I heard great things about it, I didn't know if I wanted to see it in a theater or wait to rent it. I also heard that there was an unexpected plot point that's in the movie that you don't see coming, which is what makes the movie so strong. But now it's ruined.


By the way, if you've seen the movie, please don't give the point away in a comment. Aw, hell, comments are turned off for this post!

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