Book Writing and Wine

Last night I finally started writing the last chapter for "Applied .NET Attributes." I've been avoiding it primarily because it's summertime and my mind has been primarily occupied with hitting a small white ball into a very small hole. Anyway, I have to get this chapter done by next Wednesday, so I forced myself to start. I knew what the chapter is going to be about, but the problem was getting the structure of the chapter figured out. Unfortunately, coffee wasn't helping, so I decided to break open a good bottle of merlot.

That did the trick.

While I only got 4 pages done, I was able to finish the outline (a critical part to organizing the material) and some of the introductory material. Furthermore, the examples within the chapter will include WineBottle and WineGlass classes. I try to avoid code examples in my books and articles that use either the simplistic "here's an Order object that has a collection of OrderItems objects" as well as "Consider the following interfaces: IFoo, IBar, IBaz, IQuux, IGrizlschmix, and ICantFollowAnyOfThisWorthADamn." I want to keep the samples as clean and straightforward as I can, but I also want to grab the reader's attention as well. Trying to follow code that uses terms like "foo" and "quux" usually makes me want to go and do other things, like hitting that small white ball into the very small hole.

(By the way, I'm talking about golf. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

I think I'll be drinking more wine for writing inspiration in the future.

Oh, before I forget, check out T3 if you can. Yes, there's gaping holes in the logic of the entire series. But I feel like I got my money's worth; I wasn't going to see an artsy-fartsy movie - I wanted to see shit blow up in a technologically cool fashion. The chase scene was awesome. The TX was great - I love the little smirk she'd get on her face when she was doing her job (it's subtle, but it's there).

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