When Dad's Out Of Town...

...the kids don't fall asleep. More specifically, Ryan doesn't, and with his antics, Hayden can't get to bed.

I'm looking for sage advice. For the past couple of months, if I'm not home to either put Ryan to bed or say good-night to him, he simply will not go to sleep. He'll scream, cry, holler for hours on end. I'm not exaggerating either. But if I'm in the house, he'll go down without a fuss.

You can imagine that this is infuriating Liz :(.

Any ideas on how to get him to just go to sleep when Dad's not home? Also, this doesn't happen if Liz is out and I'm putting both kids to bed.

* Posted at 05.19.2009 11:15:43 PM CST | Link *

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