Open To Alternative Languags

Last week I was having a conversation with John about programming languages. I mentioned a recent situation I was in with a client that was very concerned about managed performance with one assembly that did a lot of calculations. I suggested that they might want to look at C++ or F#. Now, I don't know what the client's reaction to this has been, but I know that clients can be very stubbon when it comes to language choices. I've been at a lot of clients where the .NET language of choice is either C# or VB, come hell or high water. It doesn't matter what the scenario is, because they picked one language and everybody better use it, damnit! John made a very interesting observation, where he basically said that if you're that set on a language choice, you don't have the confidence in your developers to be creative with alternative solutions. I like that.

* Posted at 05.29.2006 07:49:29 AM CST | Link *

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