The Stupid Just Never Goes Away

Update #3: Now she's shut her blog down such that only "friends" can read it. Coward.

Update #2: So now she posts another anti-gay article. Sometimes train wrecks are so immense they're hard to look away from :).

Update: The link to the blog no longer exists. Guess she got too much exposure and tried to delete her post...too bad that search engines cache that stuff.

Warning: NSFW for language and severe anger against morons.


Lady, if my sons are "faggots" (the terms you seem to love to use), I hope they live right next to your house. That way, they can show you every day that they're not dragging in little boys to bugger them senseless. Rather, the kids that live in their house are the ones they adopted and are raising with morals and ethics, something you severely lack. You'll be forced to watch them as they grow in their relationship with their partner. You'll still think they have some kind of "homosexual agenda", but the only "agenda" they'll have is the same one that everyone else has: figuring out how to make money to pay for food and mortgages, thinking about what movie to rent or book to read, or what to make for dinner.

I've known more than enough gay people in my life to realize that (gasp!) they're just like everyone else. I'd have no problem having my kids around them. In fact, I'd much rather have my kids around them than to have them in your house where you'd poison their minds with the ridiculous lies and idiocy that festers in your brain. The sad thing is that you have 4 kids with a fifth on the way - I truly feel bad for them, because they're going to receive a heaping pile of misinformation through your homeschooling. Poor kids.

In conclusion: Fuck you. And a "fuck you" to anyone who still thinks anyone should be killed because of who they're fucking.

(Hat tip: Anamalous Data)

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