Flagged Links #33

"A Letter I’d Like To See (But Won’t)" - I've never done pot. I probably never will. But I have no problems with those who chose to use it, and I really don't see why it's illegal when alcohol and cigarettes are still OK. Phelps shouldn't have to apologize for something that should be legal anyway.

"What’s Bart been up to lately?" - Seems like he's up to a lot of cool projects from the list he gives.

"When is a Type not a Type?" - Sounds like a philosophical question, but the answer is quite interesting.

"Catch, Rethrow and Filters - Why you should care?" - I've never used filters in my life, but it's one thing that (for some bizarre reason) VB has, but C# doesn't.

"Fowler on Dependency Injection vs Service Locator" - An interesting discussion on both approaches.

"A functional replacement for the using statement" - The more I do development, the more "functional" I get (hopefully in more ways than one!). I really like this idea.

"Excluding Integration Tests from your Automated Build" - Integration tests are important, just don't run them all the time.

"A nasality talisman for the sultana analyst" - Or, when is performance optimization needed?

"The Case of the Phantom Desktop Files" - Mark's sleuthing posts are always entertaining and educational.

"My Kung Fu is the Best" and "Professional Values" - Totally agree. People who are so overtly passionate about their development practices that they fall into zealotry should just leave the rest of us alone that want to get stuff done. None of us has all the answers.

"Beginning Objective-C for the C# Guy" - Objective-C is a funky language but it's not bad, and it's really not that hard to learn. Here's a good place to start, especially if you're a C# developer.

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