Halo2 Finished, Spoliers Within, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Well, I finished the single player version of Halo2. Here are my thoughts. Note: if you haven't finished the game and don't want to know details, stop reading.

Last warning! Don't keep reading!

OK, I was a bit disappointed in the ending. It was so abrupt with 3 major hanging storylines. Obviously there will be a Halo3 and you'll need to know how Halo2 ended to understand why Halo3 starts as it does (assuming it follows right off of the Halo2 ending, which it may not - Halo2 didn't start immediately after Halo1). I did like the storyline and overall Halo2 is a great game, but now all I have left is online play. Which is cool in itself, but the storyline is done, and unlike Halo1 (where I was literally sweating at the end), I didn't get a feeling of accomplishment. It almost rivaled the 2nd Matrix ending, although I knew that would stop abruptly as the 3rd movie was coming in 6 months.

I played it at Herioc [1], and it probably took me 15-20 hours to finish. The Flood still scared the crap out of me, but I agree with this post that there were too many weapons. There was only one area where I felt I had to be a bit careful with my ammo. The screens were also really dark when the Flood was there, and I had to turn up the contrast to see anything (I felt like I was cheating, but, oh well...). Since I'm not a real good shot I felt challenged but, again, when I was done, I felt like, that's it?? The sights on some of the guns were off, primarily the cannon guns. And I personally can't stand the banshee - can't fly that thing worth a damn (although I love the ghost :) ).

So what's my feeling about Halo2? Awesome. The storyline is good, but I just didn't like the ending. Overall I give it 9 out of 10.

[1] I've read that there's a bonus that you get if you beat it at Legendary (a bonus multiplayer map). But it seems like Bungie is unlocking it for everyone.

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