The Weekend

Saturday I helped Mike with his basement. We put up some recessed lights and ran some wires before I had to get home. Then I drove Liz and Hayden to one of her scrapbooking get-together things, which was nice as I had the whole night to myself. So what did I do? No, I didn't make a bee-line for the bars; I watered the plants, did laundry, ironed, went through the bills...the usual stuff any self-respecting husband would do when they have a night by themselves ;).

Yesterday was pretty lazy. I was hoping to hear the new mix of a song from Mike for our little musical project but no dice - he was too busy. Oh, well. I cut the grass, which given all the rain the Twin Cities had over the last week made it a slow process.

This week I plan on doing some Forza racing, actually spending some time doing .NET 2.0 stuff, and trying to make Hayden smile (which he's doing a lot more of lately - I'll try to get a picture of him smiling and post it if I can).

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