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Well, I finally got around to some late-night coding fun. It's not that big of a project; in fact, all I'm doing is updating some code I wrote before because the underlying model changed (you'll see tomorrow) [1]. I really needed to do this. Right now, the "cancelled" project I'm on just sucks. Why we're still there is a mystery to me, but the environment has really gone south in the last week. Morale is low, and the support from external dependencies has just been awful. I had to do something to get my mind going again, and this was the perfect project to get the gears turning again.

[1] By the way, no "countdowns" will be issued (i.e. "in 5 days there's a big announcement - just you wait and see!") - just check the site tomorrow evening (or Thursday depending on how I feel).

* Posted at 06.09.2004 02:23:47 AM CST | Link *

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