"Gears of War"

I finished GOW last night. Overall...meh. I didn't like it as much as Halo - the storyline is weak, and I do like games with a fair amount of story to it. This was just blow the alien enemies up to bloody (and I mean bloody) bits. That actually has some charm, but I was getting tired of the same old thing after a while. Fortunately, the ending came as I was starting to loose interest, so I can finally put it away. RAAM was kicking my ass but last night I finally was able to lob a grenade at him without the Kryll defense (after a couple of sniper head shots) and he went down hard. Frankly, I had it on the easiest setting - I was only playing it to move on to GOW2 or some other game.

There's a fair amount of 360 games I haven't even touched yet, and I'm trying to rectify that now. Next up...Bioshock, then maybe GOW2.

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