Join the Cause - Let VB6 Die!

Today I had a 1-day gig to help a client try and speed up their VB6 application. I actually enjoyed the day - it was fun being under such time constraints to figure out what could be done to speed up the application's processing. At the end of the day, we made some progress, but we realized that the application was pretty much at the mercy of a communication API and it wasn't that performant. We did find alternative processing ideas, but that would change some business processing expectations so the client's got some interesting decisions to make. At least they felt good that they have some good numbers to show that they've done about as much as they can with the constraints that they have.

Unfortunately, as I said, the application is in VB6. I haven't touched VB6 in years, but I had to spelunk around the IDE today to look at the code. I'm amazed that I used to champion this tool. Granted, at the time VB6 and its precursors did some amazing things. But VB pre-.NET has had its' day in the sun. Why some people think it's necessary to keep this tool around is beyond me. I know all the arguments to do so, but...all you need to do is code in .NET and VS 2005 for a while, and then try using VB6. To put it bluntly, VB6 sucks rocks. It's old. It's archaic. It's twisted. Yes, it's another COBOL and many corporations will have to keep using it for a while. But the tools have evolved and VB6 needs to die off and become fossilized.

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