Envisioning the Future

For the past 2 months I've been doing envisioning at the client. It appears that we'll be wrapping that up soon and we're hoping that we move right into the design/development/build/etc. phase of the project, which is the bulk of the work. It's been interesting to be involved in this part of a project because I've been able to shape and define the processes and tools that will be used during development. I've also been able to see how to scope out the work of a project. That being said...I really want to start coding! I'm not faulting this work; I realize that you need some idea of what the client wants and demonstrate that you have a good grasp of the problem space. But I like solving problems - right now we're really just getting the problem statement defined. Which, again, is important, but I want to start solving in. I feel like I'm stagnating a bit, so I'm hoping we can continue on with the work and I can start writing code again.

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