The Global Telescope

When I was young, I loved astronomy. I read the big "Universe" book over and over again. I had copies of a number of astronomy-based books ("The Collapsing Universe" left a great impression on me). I had a subscription to "Astronomy" magazine. It was fun to think of those big numbers, the harshness and beauty of space, and, most of all, I could look up at night and see lots of stars.

See, my parents lived out in the country, away from any major sources of light pollution. I can remember looking up in the winter sky and clearly seeing Orion among other constallations. I could use the family binoculars and pick out other details in the night sky. I could see the band of stars that made up the Milky Way. But now, that magic is becoming harder and harder to come by, because light pollution is becoming more of a nusiance.

There's one project underway called GLOBE at Night to address this issue. And now, there's the World Wide Telescope [1] - you can see a preview of it here.


That's amazing.

[1] <sarcasm>Of course, it's from Microsoft, so it has to be evil</sarcasm>

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