Flagged Links #70

"Going Crazy with Generics, or The Story of ThreadLocal(Of T)" - That's quite an interesting implementation.

"Introducing the S# scripting language and runtime" - At first I thought this was Smalltalk on .NET.

"State of the art C compiler optimization tricks" - I like this: learn what your compiler does...then let the compiler do it.

"Obfuscar" - YAO (yet another obfuscator).

"Book Royalties, Advances, and 'Retainers'" - Writing a tech book does not get you a mansion.

"IronScheme and C# 4’s new dynamic keyword" - Holy crap, Scheme in .NET.

"MS09-061 Vulnerability Details" - The ikvm blog had mentioned this before, and now the details have been revealed.

"KissyPoo" - I gotta play this game with Hayden and Ryan.

"Iterating atomically" - Diving into IEnumerable<T>.

"Getting the MethodInfo of a generic method using Lambda expressions" - Basically, it's methodof. Sort of.

"What's New in the BCL in .NET 4 Beta 2 [Justin Van Patten]" - Lots of cool stuff in .NET 4.0 - this is at the BCL layer.

"Math Overflow" - StackOverflow for mathematicians.

"Hex-Rays Decompiler primer" - Good info on low-level decompilation.

"Principles, Patterns, and Practices of Mediocre Programming" - This had me laughing ... unfortunately I've seen this stuff way too often.

"Unit Test Definition 2.0" - I like this definition.

"Tired of entering your login info every time you open a CodePlex hosted Solution in Visual Studio?" - I am.

"A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)" - I saved the best for last. This is so awesome on so many levels.

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