Being Proud of Your Views

Myers makes a good point about those who do not follow a religious belief:

What we need is to clearly declare our fellowship with the reasonable theists who believe in reason and science, and at the same time be willing to proudly acknowledge our affiliation with the community of atheists and agnostics. That isn’t said often enough, and all too often there is a sense that the atheists among us (Dawkins, for instance) are a detriment to the cause of good science and evolution. That is killing us. It reinforces the bias of the religious that atheism is something shameful. After all, if we can’t be proud of ourselves, why should they be?

Sometimes I may come across as "harsh" or "confrontational" when it comes to ID or creationism. This is true - I am ;). But it's because I'm tired of feeling like a second-class citizen at times simply because I do not believe in god (or at least the questions and ideas that religions must address are far more complex than the simplistic trappings that exist in religions today). At the same time, I'm not one to stop someone from attending church, or praying, or believing in Zeus, or whatever it is that floats your religious boat. I do believe that there is a benefit to meditation and relaxation, and sometimes I miss the serenity and fellowship that a church can provide. However, I think that I don't need the religious aspects to my personal quiet times. Simply stated, I take pride in what I think, even if sometime in the future I change my views. That's called "growing", or "learning", not "flip-flopping". It is my hope that those of religious persuations understand the role of science in the world and let it flourish, rather than burden it with the narrow lens of a few, vocal creationists.

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