More Hayden Conversations

This weekend was a lot of fun (although we think Ryan is getting another ear infection - a visit to the doctor will confirm that). Two moments with Hayden really stuck out with me. We were playing downstairs on Saturday and I had just come back from the liquor store. I picked up a bottle of 12-year-old Macallan. I've gone through my share of beer and wine, and I wanted to try something different. Reading Neil's books, I found out he really likes Macallan on the rocks. So, when Liz and I were in Vegas, I thought I'd try some.'s quite the different taste (yowza! whoa, nelly, does that warm ya up!). But I liked it enough to buy some and see if I really like it. Anyway, I pulled the bottle out of the box, and Hayden wanted to play with it. Of course I wouldn't let him do that, but I said he can play with the box (which is nice and shiny and you can put lots of cars in it). Then I told him that I learned about the drink from Neil. "Neil?", Hayden says. "Drummer turns." Yep, he knows that Neil is the drummer that turns around on his set. So he had me pop in "Rush in Rio" so he could see Neil's solo. (You have to see Hayden do this - he stands and air drums, then turns around and air drums, then turns around again and air drums. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen). Now, here's the kicker. After we're done playing downstairs and we're about to walk upstairs, I tell Hayden, "you know, you can bring the box upstairs if you'd like."

"No, Neil's box."


"No, Hayden, it's OK, you can keep the box."

He proceeds to take the box from me, walk over to the TV, and puts the box in front of it. "Daddy give box to Neil."

He thought I actually know Neil (which of course I don't and have no delusions of ever meeting the guy) and had talked to him in person about getting the drink from him, and that the box should go back to Neil.

Then today we go to a park and we're walking through a forested area, looking for squirrels. He sees a napkin on the ground and points to it. I tell him, "oh, that's garbage."

He proceeds to pick it up and give it to me and then walks over to the garbage can where he told me I should throw it away.

I was also amazed at how "brave" he's becoming. He was so timid at the beginning of this summer, but now he's climbing all over the jungle gyms with little to no fear.

Am I proud of him?

Hell, yes.

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