Hollow Victory

Seems like the Dems did exactly what everyone else (except for Bush) thought they'd do: they took back control. But it's hollow to me. I only voted Democrat because of the complete and utter incompetence the current Bush adminstration has shown. Does that mean I'm a Democrat? Hell no. I vote for people I think won't screw things up worse than the rest of the candidates. And when you think about it...that's really not saying much.

South Park said it best: you're either voting for a giant douche or a turd sandwich. And if you go independent, then I quote the immortal words of Kang (from Kang and Kodos "The Simpsons" fame - "Treehouse of Horror VII" to be specific): "Go ahead! Throw your vote away!!"

* Posted at 11.08.2006 06:46:06 AM CST | Link *

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