Say What You Want To, When You Want To

Dan blogs about his father's death. I can say I know what it's like to lose your father, and my condolenses go out to him. There was one part to Dan's blog, though, that caught my eye:

I know I originally promised not to post the “minutia of my daily life” on this blog. But please forgive this exception.

No apologies necessary, Dan, and more to the point, I wish techie bloggers would be more themselves. I mean, I understand Dan's points - a blog that details every moment of someone's life is probably not worth subscribing to ("I just went to the bathroom..." - c'mon, who would want to read that anyway?). But reading Dan's post reaffirms my belief that a blog should be entries about anything you want to write about. Just because you love techie stuff doesn't mean you can't talk about other aspects of your life. In fact, it's the blogs that "dare" to be more personable that I usually like to read more than are strictly technical [1].

Thanks for sharing, Dan.

[1] Just to be clear, I do like reading hard-core techie blogs (although their posts are usually sporadic ;) ).

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