Flagged Links #32

"Are extensions really evil?" - Nothing is really evil; it comes down to how you use a tool or a technique.

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 7" - More Halo fails.

"Chittur Subbaraman: Inside Windows 7 - Service Controller and Background Processing" - Good discussion on optimizing WinServices in Windows7.

"International Space Station Tour" - I've always wondered what the layout looked like in the ISS.

"A new use for the C# using keyword" and "AutoDisposal using PostSharp" - First he comes up with the concept, then he shows how to do it.

"Unpacking the .NET Framework Source Code" - An interesting way to get the .NET source code...sort of.

"Dynamic typing in C# 4 and Duck Generics" - I have to wonder if dynamic in C# 4.0 has any chance of modification before it's released. The idea is good, but there's something left to be desired...

"The Maybe Monad in C#" - Maybe? Or maybe not?

"Ora Stories" - I detest regions in code.

"Why no var on fields?" - I've always wondered why you couldn't do this in C#.

"OCR and Neural Nets in JavaScript" - Writing a neural net in JavaScript - that's really cool.

"Ropes: Twining Together Strings for Editors" - I've never heard of the rope structure before in programming - kind of interesting.

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