Raising Money for Worthwile Charities? Don't Play Poker!

Wil reports on a tournament that would have raised a quarter of a million dollars for cancer research, but some anti-gambling asshat put the smackdown on the whole thing. How stupid is this? Last week we has a poker tournament at Magenic and we raised $200 with 12 people. That's not huge dollars, but that's going to the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, a worthwile cause in my mind. I'm glad I work for a company where the owner was completely at ease with this and understood that we were going to have a fun time and get some dollars to people who need it. I hope they reschedule the tournament. Just because one nutcase has an issue with it doesn't mean it should all be shut down. Now, I realize that these tournaments have to be careful in their wording. For example, we couldn't require people to buy in; we could only say that we're playing for charity and a suggested donation is $10. Still, the whole thing sounds stupid. Just wait, someone will organize a huge Halo2 tournament for charity and someone will try to shut it down because the game is too violent. In fact, I remember reading about that, but I can't remember the details. If you try to do something good, someone will always have a problem with it.

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