"Extreme Encounters", by Greg Emmanuel

I enjoyed this book. It's a bit on the macabre side as it's all about coming face-to-face with events that can literally make or break you. Tornadoes, the ebola virus, quicksand - you name it, Emmanual covers it. Each story is in the 2nd person, so it's all about "you" and what you're facing from a very personal aspect. Sometimes you make it...and sometimes you're toast. But no matter what the scenario, they're all surpisingly entertaining and informative. Emmanual does a solid job of giving you the scientific reasons why your body reacts under different circumstances (and, trust me, some of these reactions are just not pretty). A fun read.

By the way, I've decided to put a new page up for materials that I recommend. As I see an old book that I really enjoyed or a CD that's solid, I'll put it here.

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