Battlestar Galatica: Season Finale

If you haven't seen last night's show, stop reading - spoilers are coming up, fast!

OK...what...the...hell is up with the 4 people hearing "All Along the Watchtower"? That's what finally triggered in their head that they're Cylons? My wife and I bet who would be indentified as the 5, and I was right on 4 of them (I love it that Saul Tigh is one of them). I'm not sure who is the 5th one, since they never explicitly state who the 5th one is. It's pretty obvious that Starbuck is the 5th, although my wife has an interesting theory that the President is the 5th.

Either way, we have to wait 9 months for the 4th season to kick in. We're left with a lot of open-ended questions, like:

  • What cult is Gauis going to be a part of?
  • Since one of the newly-identified Cylons had a baby with a human, that no longer makes Helo's and Boomer's kid special...right?
  • The Cylons are coming full-force against the Fleet...what's going to happen?
  • Starbuck says she's been to Earth. The show ended with a weird pan-out of where are they are (in the nebula) out to the Milky Way Galaxy, and back in to show Earth. I'm sure someone online has already figured out from that scene where they are, but...will they reach Earth next year? Show Starbuck even be trusted?
  • Will Adama and his son just have a big hug and let it all go?

I, for one, will be waiting patiently for the next season to kick on. Battlestar Galatica is one of the finest shows on TV these days, and I see no let-up in sight

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