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Seems as though there's a message board for FxCop - it was started April of 2005 but I just found out about it today. I wish they'd get their FxCop feed moving again, but it seems like this board is already getting some activity. I personally don't care for message boards, but I posted this entry about my Extensible Compiler for .Net tool. There was a response from Michael who said this kind of idea is already planned to be baked into MSBuild in the future (there's a way to have a "break build on FxCop error" in VSTS). I like that, but I hope that feature will let you specify which rules would cause the build to break. FxCop can report a lot of errors and I don't want a "all-or-nothing" flag to break the compilation.

* Posted at 07.11.2005 12:29:01 PM CST | Link *

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