Flagged Links #58

"STM (Software Transactional Memory)" - This looks really cool - a custom CLR that does STM.

Zero Punctuation - "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood" and "The Conduit" - Yet another Zero double-shot.

"Top 10 Halo 3 Epic Fails: Episode 37 (Machinima)" - Total failure.

"A Whirlwind Tour through the Managed Extensibility Framework" - MEF is meffing cool.

"Expression Trees, Take Two – Introducing System.Linq.Expressions v4.0" - So are expression trees - they're getting even cooler in 4.0.

"Statement Trees With Less Pain – Follow-Up on System.Linq.Expressions v4.0" - Oh look, another B# blog post!

"Galaxy SMASH!" - A cool computer simulation of 2 galaxies colliding.

"Spec# and Boogie Released on CodePlex" - Let's dance (boogie? get it? ... never mind...)

"Improved type safety when dealing with generic types, generic methods and reflection" - The null casts are weird, but it works.

"ExpressionVisitor shipping in .NET 4.0" - More expression goodness in 4.0.

"Serialization Interop" - Some low-level details of serialization.

"C# 4's Dynamic in Mono" - w00t!

"The Creation 'Museum'" - The fight for good science must never stop.

"Are you a language wonk? Do you want to be?" - I wish I could go to this conference - looks like a lot of good content for compiler writers (especially newbies like me).

"Rubik's cube art" - It's not always about how fast you can solve it...

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