Multiple Start-up Projects

Today I'm finalizing some service work I've been banging out for the last two or three days. The last thing I needed to add was a simple WinForms application to test the service from a presentation layer. Sure, I have the necessary NUnit tests to do that, but I wanted something that would test the server-side code in a more "real" way. Anyway, after adding the project I ran into a minor annoyance because I had to launch the service host first (which can be either a console or WinService, but on my box I run it as a console application - it's simpler that way), and then I launched the WinForm application. After doing this enough to want to gouge my eyes out with my pencil, I wondered if there was a way to specify mutliple start-up project. Sure enough, there is - I've just never seen it before. When you right-click on a solution in VS .NET, you should see a Set StartUp Projects... option. This will bring up a dialog box that will look something like this:

Sorry for the deleted project names - just trying to keep the client anonymous. Anyway, all you do is select the Multiple Startup Projects radio button, and then set the Action of the projects you want to start up as Start. You can also put them in the order you want to have them launch in case you have some dependencies between the projects. Just highlight the project and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons as needed.

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