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P. Z. Myers makes this statement about how to handle and respond to those who are ignorant:

I've watched good people do nothing about creeping lunacy and anti-intellectualism for decades. I watched appalled when that senile fool Reagan was elected. I was even more appalled when George W. Bush, airhead extraordinaire and utterly unqualified ignoramus, became president. The citizenry howls to destroy the science standards in our public schools, or complacently votes to lower property taxes at the expense of our children's minds. While we've quietly raised a rich crop in scattered little plots, we are about to be overwhelmed by the nightmarish weeds that overrun our neighbors'. We must stand up and shout, finally…and hope it's not too late.

For a while I've been on the fence myself about addressing those who want a theocratic America, where intelligent design is taught in science school, and where we're going to war for no good reason. Myers' make a clear point to not just ignore these contempoarary issues, because it doesn't work. Because if no one stands up to them, they will stomp all over this country and drive it into a religious nightmare.

This country desperately needs leadership. Republican, Democrat, Independent...I don't give a shit, because we need someone who can lead and lead effectively. Someone who can make tough, strong decision and stand behind them. Someone who can get our country respect and honor again (because the world is hating the United States more and more again, not necessarily because of its citizens, but because of its ineffective and arrogant leadership). 8 years of a quasi-theocracy is 8 years too much. It's time to undo the damage.

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