"Death From the Skies!"

I finished this book last night. It's basically a book about the myriad of ways that the universe can main, hurt and pretty much destroy humanity. Plait moves from asteroid strikes to solar events to black holes to the eventual end of all matter in the universe. It may sound like morbid material for a book, but I found it highly enjoyable. His energy and passion for astronomy is very evident - you can tell he loves to write about this stuff. Even though I've known about the ways that the universe can smack us around that Plait mentioned in this book, it was still a good read. I especially liked Chapter 9: "The End Of Everything". Reminded me of another book I read years ago: "Deep Time". Trying to wrap your head around such big numbers is always a fun endeavour!

This book reminded me of the first time I read Asimov's "The Collapsing Universe". I was 10 or 11 at the time, and I remember falling in love with that book. I loved the big numbers, learning about neutron stars and black holes (and the idea that we may actually be in a black hole itself...even though that's (probably) not true, it was fun to think about) - it really helped me gain an appreciation for science in general and astronomy in particular. I think Plait's book can be that modern-day motivational factor for kids and young adults to get them excited about science as well. I hope he keeps writing more in the future.

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