New Cell Phone
My current cell phone is getting outdated/old/worn-out/etc. The recharger is getting twichy - if I don't position it right it won't recharge over the night. The buttons are way too smooth - it doesn't feel like I'm pressing them. And in the web world we live in, I need a big screen with a keyboard (and Windows Mobile, etc.). But, I have to wait until mid-July to get a deal from my current carrier. That's OK for now - if my cell phone doesn't fall apart until then I'm good. So far, the phone I'm looking at is the XV6800 (yes, I use Verizon). If you have other suggestions or if you've used this phone and think it's a piece of crap please let me know - thanks!

* Posted at 04.22.2008 08:38:22 AM CST | Link *

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