Join It, Baby!

I've run into coding situations where I have an array of strings and I want to put 'em all together, separated by a delimiter. For example, I have "A", "B", and "C", and I want to have a string that looks like "A,B,C". I still see .NET code written like this:

string[] letters = new string[] {"A", "B", "C"};
string letterList = string.Empty;

foreach(string letter in letters)
   letterList += letter + ",";

letterList = letterList.TrimEnd(',');

Another approach is to use a for loop, and test to see if you're at the last element of the array to determine if a comma should be included or not. But it's so much simpler than that:

string[] letters = new string[] {"A", "B", "C"};
string letterList = string.Join(",", letters);

Of course, there's probably a lot of things I'm still missing in the framework that would make me go, "d'oh! - I should be using that!".

* Posted at 03.08.2006 11:42:10 AM CST | Link *

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