Hayden's First Big Bump

This morning (around 6 AM) I was getting ready for work when I heard a "thump" sound from Hayden's monitor. Then I heard the crying/whimpering. I thought that he fell out of his bed so I went into his room, only to find him with his head under the drape (which looked kind of funny). He was trying to look out the window and see the duckies and the bunnies that roam in our backyard...but he must've slipped and hit his lip on the edge of the window banister. I didn't notice anything at first - I thought he had hit his head on the window - so I looked him over and thought he was fine. Then he stuck a corner of his blanket in his mouth and when he pulled it out it was red. That's when I realized this wasn't a little bump. He had cut his gum above his two front teeth. It wasn't gushing or anything, but it wasn't a small trickle either. I threw a jacket on him and took him to urgent care (it's nice living two blocks away from a hospital :) ) and by that time the bleeding had already slowed down. The doctor checked him out and said that he should be fine - we just have to watch that his lip doesn't get really swollen or that his right front tooth (which was slightly loose) doesn't turn gray in the next month or two. Otherwise, the cut should heal itself. Hayden was just at the doctor's yesterday and he had to get a shot so he didn't want the doctor to look at him but overall he did really well. He even shook the doctor's hand when he was done (of course, after he shook his hand Hayden told him to "get out" of the room, which was a little rude but it was also kind of funny).

This was the first big accident that Liz and I have had to deal with. Fortunately it doesn't seem like it'll be a big issue (if all heals well), but it was still unnerving to see the blood coming out of his mouth. I think this was the first time Hayden has seen blood so now he'll be sure to tell us when his little brother is bleeding, like this kid:

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