I'm Loving the Day Job

I have to admit, I've been enjoying work for the past three weeks. I've been doing a ton of stuff relative to i18n and l10n - there's a fair amount of information on this for .NET, but not nearly enough. Mirroring, right-to-left, form design, sorting, VS .NET support - there's so many things that can be improved upon (some of which has occured in .NET 2.0). But the key is that I'm being challenged, and that's fun. As soon as I get bored, I get complacenent, and that sucks.

I do not consider myself to be a l10n/i18n expert, but I hope to share my experiences in a month or so at a local developer's event. I'll let you know the details if/when it occurs.

* Posted at 12.13.2004 07:30:57 PM CST | Link *

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