Different Levels of Belief?

Last Friday I went to see Behe drone on and on speak about ID (details are here). One thing I forgot to mention is a guy during the formal Q&A session asked Behe about some biological process that was his main focus for his PhD work. I didn't catch the gist of his question, but one thing I did hear him say way, "I am a devout Christian...".

I don't get that.

I mean, what's the difference between a devout and non-devout Christian? Does one pray 22 minutes more a day than another? Does one say their prayers with more pep and vigor?

Seriously, I don't understand it - I didn't understand this kind of terminology when I was a Christian. I heard people say that they were "true Christians" or "real Christians" or "devout Christians" and it made no sense. See, a "true Christian" was one that really was a Christian, not one of those "fake" Christians. They really believed in Jeebuz. Those "backsliders" over there (man, I hated that term!), they really aren't saved. If they were, they wouldn't be acting like that.

Oh, and what about that part that you're saved by faith and not by works? (See, I do remember something!)

I'm so glad I'm out of that arena. I'm sometimes embarrased by what I used to believe in, but it's given me insight into a group that, frankly, has some really whack edge cases.

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