I Can't Believe It

I really dislike reality TV. There are very few TV shows that I do like ("Battlestar Galatica", "Lost" and "24") - the last thing I want to see is 12 people whine and yell at each other on some deserted island to win some money or a drunk of a "singer" with his family. So, when I was channel-surfing yesterday, I shocked myself and found a show that was funny as hell, and it's a reality show.

Brace yourself...it's "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels".

I'm not a big Kiss fan. But this show is just funny. It may be all staged and scripted, but I don't care - it made me laugh. And I'm not sure why I found it so funny. I think it's his kids, especially his son. They seem level-headed and they really don't take Gene seriously. It's not extremely intellectual, but it's entertaining and I'll be recording future shows.

* Posted at 08.09.2006 07:32:19 PM CST | Link *

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