Hell! Fire! Pain!! Whatever

If you want to waste some time, check out this vid about a kid who's yelling at his friend from hell because his friend didn't tell him about Jeebuz and now he's going to be TORMENTED FOREVER.

Really, it's a waste of time. It's not done well at all, and frankly scare tactics like this...well, they can work, but it's really sick. I remember during my evangelical days seeing some vid at a lockout about these kids who get in a deadly car accident, and how some went to heaven and some went to hell. It tried to scare everyone into either converting or running out that room and tell everyone about Jeebuz as soon as possible. I remember it, but in retrospect it was pretty dumb and the fact that scare tactics are used to frighten children into believing this crap is demented.

* Posted at 11.01.2007 07:05:59 PM CST | Link *

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